Step-by-step Math (NEW SYLLABUS) - Review

Primary School Maths Assessment Book Review - Step-by-step Math (NEW SYLLABUS)

Step-by-step Math (NEW SYLLABUS)

Assessment Book Summary

Step-by-Step Maths is a series of six workbooks which comprise a wide range of exercises and questions, including drills, short questions, application-type questions and word problems.

Assessment Book Description

Step-by-Step Maths tailors to the needs of pupils, with special attention to the possible difficulties that may confront them in their learning. It is also designed with the following principle in mind: The learning of Mathematics becomes interesting and fun-filled when pupils, with acquired grasp of basic mathematical concepts, are able to respond positively to mathematical problems through creative analysis and problem-solving. Confidence motivates and drives one to success. This series equips pupils with the skills to perform academically and to meet the life challenges that lay ahead of them.

Assessment Book Review

The exercises are arranged by topics and serve to build foundation. There are lots of exercises.

Levels: P1-P6
Author: Simon Eio
Publisher: EPH
Where to buy: Popular Bookstore.