Problem-Solving Processes in Maths - Review


Primary School Maths Assessment Book Review - Problem-Solving Processes in Maths

Problem-Solving Processes in Maths

Assessment Book Summary

Problem-Solving Process in Mathematics is designed specially to help pupil develop mathematical concepts and acquire thinking skills through a series of systematically developed Problem-Solving Processes (PSP).


Assessment Book Description

Each PSP focuses on a particular problem-solving strategy through a well-illustrated example. A series of questions which can be solved using the same strategy is then formulated to enable pupils to reinforce that problem-solving process. A diagnostic test is provided at the end of each topic to gauge the pupil's level of competency in various topics.


Assessment Book Review

This thick book is suitable for pupils with average ability. It provides examples and solutions of each skill type, followed by 4-5 parallel questions set based on the same skill types.

Levels: P3-P6
Author: Fabian Ng
Publisher: EPH
Where to buy: Popular Bookstore.