Mastering Comprehension - Review

Primary School English Assessment Book Review - Mastering Comprehension

Section: Books on Comprehension
Mastering Comprehension

Assessment Book Summary

This book provides 40 comprehension MCQ and open-ended practices.

Assessment Book Description

Mastering Comprehension arranged the texts and questions by difficulty levels basic, intermediate and advance. The pupil is presented with a detailed explanation of the comprehension skills together with short samples to illustrate the practical approach in answering these questions. The weaker pupil can expect to pick up these comprehension skills and see vast improvements in his/her answering techniques. For the above-average pupil, challenging texts and questions will further spur higher-order thinking and may expect to tackle challenging comprehension papers with ease.

Assessment Book Review

The book is good for pupils who have done well and want to excel, as most found the questions difficult.

Levels: P1-P6
Author: Geetha Menon
Publisher: EPH
Where to buy: Popular Bookstore or at publisher's site.