Conquer Comprehension Workbook - Review

Primary School English Assessment Book Review - Conquer Comprehension Workbook

Section: Books on Comprehension
 Conquer Comprehension Workbook

Assessment Book Summary

This workbook is designed for students to practice comprehension questions in multiple-choice and open-ended formats. The passages are carefully graded into three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. A glossary is included after every exercise to help students comprehend the passage better.

Assessment Book Description

40 graded comprehension tests for progressive learning: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Varied text types used to help students understand and follow the development of ideas in a range of texts Carefully set questions to improve reading comprehension and answering skills: make predictions, infer and draw conclusions using visuals, text and language features, and contextual clues vocabulary list to build word bank detailed answers with analysis for multiple-choice type questions.

Assessment Book Review

The glossary is useful and the passages and questions have facing pages. Some commented that the advanced section is not advanced enough.

Levels: P1-P6
Author: Angela Leu
Publisher: SAP Teachers @ work
Where to buy: Popular Bookstore or at publisher's site.