Challenging English 4 in 1 - Review

Primary School English Assessment Book Review - Challenging English 4 in 1

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 Challenging English 4 in 1

Assessment Book Summary

The book includes intensive and challenging exercises on Vocabulary, Grammar, Comprehension and Composition. Model answers are provided for Compositions.

Assessment Book Description

This 4-in-1 assessment covers the important aspects of English examination, Grammar, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Composition. The wide variety of questions helps the pupil develop a good grasp of grammar concepts and be exposed to challenging vocabulary questions that contain options of similar words but entirely different definition. A variety of comprehension texts with complementing tricky and challenging questions that stimulate the pupilís mind to help develop systematic analysis of the content. Model compositions give the pupil in-depth understanding of the requirements for each continuous writing. It helps pupils build a strong foundation in the language.

Assessment Book Review

The book is good for comprehension and synthesis & transformation practices, but it lacks inference type comprehension questions. Many commented that it is quite difficult.

Levels: P1-P6
Authors: Pamela Lim, M. Rani
Publisher: EPH
Where to buy: Popular Bookstore.